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I'm Jennifer Lukiv, a creative and open minded learner with a passion for marketing, communications and graphic design. With my clean and minimalist style, I create modern designs that leave a lasting impression. I strive to raise the bar with each new project by capitalizing on my strengths while exploring learning opportunities.


A different kind of design.


I'm a designer that has a previous background in many different varieties of communication. From social media to email campaigns to digital marketing, I can design something that is aesthetically pleasing and also something that can drive your company in the right direction.


What i create



I provide clean and modern design solutions. Whether it is posters, infographics, or even logos, my design style is sure to make your content look stylish and fresh.


Stand out from the crowd with a unique and bold look. I can help bring your brand to life by providing you with a visually pleasing design scheme that captures your brand’s character and personality.


Similar to my graphic design work, my take on marketing is bold and clean. I keep things sharp and simple by putting focus on technical writing, strong communication and creativity. 


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